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Hey guys! I know it's been forever. I know I have a huge update owed and need to respond to a mountain of messages. I'm going to be at Comikaze! I'm walking in the fashion show and they asked me to sell prints for an hour on Saturday, so for the first time, I will be selling prints! It's weird for me, but we'll see how it goes! I will have two Webble prints as well as the Geeks Giving Gifts Charity calendar. See images below for more information on my schedule!


Friday I will be walking in the Geek Fashion Show at Comikaze representing Gold Bubble Clothing! The show is at 6:30p. Be sure to get there early to get a seat! I will try not to trip and fall. No promises.

Saturday I will be selling prints for the very FIRST time at the Geek Fashion Show booth #1405! I will be there from 3pm to 4pm. This is not something that is going to happen often, so be sure to stop by! I will be selling Webble body paint prints of Aegis and the ASPEN COMICS Kiani shoot as well as the Geeks Giving Gifts Charity fundraising calendar. Proceeds for the calendar go to Doctors without Borders.

Saturday Evening I will be walking the nerd red carpet with the Winner Twins at the GEEKS ONLY Afterparty part of COMIKAZE weekend hosted by The Winner Twins at Dave and Busters! It will be a night of awesome gaming and geeky activies. I will be taking DDR challengers. Join the fun starting at 8pm! Don't forget to get your tickets before they sell out!

Sunday will be my first time playing D&D in the Celebrity ChariD20 D&D game in the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown The game will be live streamed and is for charity. This will be 10am-6pm, I will be paying the 10am-noon shift!

More information:

10710637 10152743295017159 7269074808726526049 N by RuffleButtCosplay

10559723 10152755829307159 5120306778354413475 N by RuffleButtCosplay
That was a fun surprise this morning! Thank you sincebecomeswhy for the suggestion and pullingcandy for the feature! Especially thank you to the amazing team at Webble for the hard work and dedication to the project!

Body Paint - Aegis from Persona 3 by RuffleButtCosplay
Sorry I haven't been around much guys! I've been really busy. I'll do a big update today and try to get to my backlog of questions <3
Sorry about my absence guys! I've been neglecting the deviantARTs. Just been busy. I'll spend today answering messages, comments and questions.
I changed my deviantART name, which was the last name that needed to be changed. AnimeAngel is no more. NOW THE REIGN OF RUFFLEBUTT.

Anywho, I changed some of my costumes around for Katsucon. New List!

During the day - Eternal Sailor Moon
For my Panel at 2:15 - MAYBE Emma Frost
After - Test Suit Asuka

During the day - Nymph with Imari??? We haven't picked a time yet.
Sailor Moon again

Cammy White

I'm also hosting a panel!
- How to wear "skimpy" costumes while still being modest

A how-to guide on wearing more revealing costumes. This panel covers costume structure, types of double sided tape, the way you carry yourself, undergarments and tricks of the trade. Additionally, this panel also covers how to react to inappropriate comments, creepers/photographers and uncomfortable situations. Photographers can also attend since there is a small section on how to approach cosplayers and react to them. Q&A at the end!

See you guys there!
Selling physical patterns for my bunny suit patterns. For more information, please go here!
Hi guys! sorry for not posting here as much as I should. I can't believe it's 2013! Last year was a really good year for me. If you hadn't noticed, I started responding to a lot of comments. I'm going to try to be more interactive here. It's the reason why I set up this account separate from my photography in the first place. I'm also thinking about getting a paid account so that I can change the name of this to match my other cosplay accounts.

ALA happened! It was a lot of fun. Expect a big pic spam. Katsucon is next month! I am very excited! Here's what I'm planning on:

Though I'm working on other things right now too. It's whatever gets finished really!

Here's some progress:

I have really big plans for 2013 costume wise as well as tutorial wise. I'm also going to be a guest at A&G Ohio in April! I will be running some panels and judging the masquerade!

Here's to a good 2013 for everyone!
I was a guest at Onicon a couple weekends ago in Galveston, Texas and this past weekend I made my first overseas trip to London to be a guest at MCM Expo! I was asked to judge the Eurocosplay championship. While stressful, it was a lot of fun. London was very cold, but I had a fabulous time. It is nice to be home and relaxing for a while though. I'm finished with conventions for this year and aside from a wedding this month, I'm home for a good while.

Hope you guys are having a great year as it is winding down!
I'll be running a few panels as well :D This will be my first time as a guest and I am super excited. I'm probably bringing Saber Lily, Madoka and Scarlet Witch!

Don't forget to like my Facebook page!…
I'll be there! I'll be working at the FUNi booth for SDCC. I'm bringing Angel Panty, Asuka Sundress and Inori for the FUNi booth (MAYBE Msyu) and I'm bringing Kitty Pryde and Leeloo for general con stuff. MAYBE Scarlet Witch if I have time to remake my visor.

Also, if you'd like to keep up with my progress on costumes I have a facebook page for my cosplay now. Go check it out!…
I hope I see you guys at Anime Expo this weekend! Here's my costume and schedule line up!


I'll be promoting for Panty and Stocking and will be helping out with the LiSA photoshoot!

Thursday - P&S Red Carpet Event

Friday - 12pm-2pm - FUNimation booth for P&S | 2pm-3pm - Autograph panel for P&S

Saturday - Noon - Zero no Tsukaima | 5pm - Swimsuit Sabers | After 6pm - Type-moon Meidos

Sunday - 11am-1:30pm P&S Panel | 1pm-2pm Autograph panel for P&S | 4:30pm-5:30pm Saber Alter for the LiSA photoshoot

Monday - 10am-12pm FUNimation booth for | 12pm-1pm Autograph panel for P&S
I will be hitting up ACen this weekend. Ninth year attending, fifth year staffing. Come by DFW to say hi! I'll be running the Hallway contest! I'm also hitting Demicon the weekend after for the first time since 2005. It was my first convention :D I'll be hosting a couple of panels and judging.

Here's my costume list for both!

and here's my progress on the new ones:

Hope to see you guys there :D
I'm sorry I'm so neglectful. I'm trying to respond to messages! I added some more photos today! I will add some more in a couple of days. I will also have a lot after Katsucon!

Katsucon is next weekend! Here is my costume line up:

and here's progress of those costumes!

I'm really really excited for all of my costumes and for the con itself. Keep your questions coming and I'll do my best to answer them! If you know anyone dressing up as any version of Saber at Katsucon, please let them know there's a big Saber gathering at the gazebo around 6pm!
Hey guys! I'm looking for a few good Sabers to join my group for Katsucon 2012! I went and dug up 68 outfits of Saber's. Most of them are canon. She has a lot of outfits!

Click on this link to join the group, reserve an outfit and see all the different costumes:!/groups/135…

There's also information on her weapons, how to do her hair and her back story.

I would also like to have other characters from the Fate series as well! I want the biggest Saber group ever!
D*C was... interesting. I wanted to post about it beforehand, but it slipped my mind.

NYCC/AF is next month. Getting revved up for that. I will be working on the Madoka promotion with Aniplex and ACParadise.

Costumes I'm bringing:
Quorra from Tron

Costumes I'm also planning:
Kitty Pryde

Really looking forward to the con. Anyone else going?
There are three more cons for me this year. AX was as busy as ever and I might make a one day appearance at SDCC, but Otakon is my next major con!

Costumes I am bringing:
-Angel Panty from Panty and Stocking
-Msyu from [c] Control
-Magical Girl Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Majika (not in my gallery yet, but it is finished and competed at AX!)
-Fam from Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing
and -Mina from Getsumen to Heiki Mina (new costume!)

Be sure to stop by the FUNimation booth from 1pm-3pm on Satuday to prove to me that you are a sky pirate and get an awesome pirate decal! You can also stop by to learn more about Last Exile - Fam, the Silver Wing, a new series of Last Exile from GONZO!

Who else is going??
According to deviantART, they are addressing the problems they have been having with Malware and Viruses as brought up in this article here:… The biggest problem I still find to be that you can't report an advertisement you don't see because it shuts down your browser.

Be safe. Be careful. If you do get the virus, hopefully you can do what I did and use start up repair to fix it.

In light of this, I will be posting two new costumes and a couple photos of other costumes.
I have Ad Blocker on Firefox, so this has never been an issue before, but sometimes I use Internet Explorer to log into this account to update my cosplay (I have two new costumes). Today when I went to upload new costumes onto this account, I got a virus from a banner ad that I did not click. In fact, I was half way down the page when the virus installed itself onto my computer.

Upon griping about it on Twitter, it turns out many of my other friends have also gotten this virus (Win7 Anti-virus 2011) from deviantART.

I'm more disgusted than anything that deviantART is so money hungry that they will accept any ad on their website regardless of the intentions of the ad and if it automatically downloads viruses onto a user's computer without them doing any actions.

I have sunk a lot of money into deviantART over the years, been a member since 2003 and find this insulting and completely absurd.

Until this is addressed and fixed, I will no longer be posting on deviantART and will probably be taking down all of my deviations. I will not support a website that allows this to happen. I suggest none of you do either, but that is your choice.
Wow, I wasn't expecting so many watchers this fast! You guys are so great. Thank you for all the favorites and comments. I feel so re-welcomed already.

Colossal Con was a blast and I can't wait to go again next year! Thanks for having me guys~

My next convention is Anime Expo~ Costumes I am bringing:

Taiga from Toradora! (School uniform, remaking it to match my Ami and Minori <3)
Black Rock Shooter from Vocaloid
Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier (new costume)
Miyafuji from Strike Witches
and possibly Asuka from Evangelion (new costume)

:iconshiya:, :iconmostflogged: and myself will be promoting Toradora! for NIS this year. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

I'm super pumped for AX this year.

Otakon is a few weeks after AX, so my projected costume list will most likely change.

Black Rock Shooter from Vocaloid
Yin (default dress) from Darker Than Black
Nozomu from Kanokon (new costume)
Lilith from Darkstalkers (new costume)

Whew! So here's a little bit of info about me and my cosplay. My cosplay alias is AnimeAngel, a name I've had since I was 11. At the time it seemed cool. ...don't judge me. I got into cosplay in 1999 and went to my first convention (Demicon) in 2000 with my uncle Dan (the jedi in the photos with me). Since then I am on my 53rd convention and have over 50 costumes (not all of them documented).

Currently I do character portrayal/modeling for distribution companies to promote new shows and video games. So far I have promoted for FUNimation with Burst Angel, Darker Than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist, Strike Witches, Evangelion, Hetalia, Dragonaut and Shin Chan; Bandai with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star; Aksys with Deathsmiles and NIS with Disgaea and Toradora!.

I've been sewing with a machine since 2003 and was mostly self taught until I moved to NYC and had a bunch of talented friends help me become a lot better. I work really fast but usually get stuck on really simple stuff.

I think that about covers it. Ask any questions you like, I will happily answer them!
You probably recognize me from my regular deviantART account: deviouselite. I removed all my cosplay from there and will put it here from now on. I will also update on a much more regular basis! Currently a work of progress, so take a look around and tell me what you think! You can view my entire cosplay collection on my ACParadise.


I'll so my best to answer all comments and questions you might have! I am currently waiting on photos for the following costumes:

-Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist
-Lelouch from Code Geass
-Black Rock Shooter from Vocaloid
-Whale Biologist from Futurama

Look for these soon! I didn't put up a lot of costumes, so feel free to browse my ACParadise! I also have more photos of particular costumes. Thanks for all the comments and favorites already and be sure to check out my photography!